About Perfect World Void

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Perfect World Void we're proud to announce that server after the long period of preparations,ready for you to play and enjoy.

    Please join our Discord server is fastest way for us to assist if you need help.
    Click here to join our Discord Server

    Here is a summarized list of things you need to know:
    Void is an Eclipse 1.5.3 without Nightshade race
    New players start in a dedicated area with custom mobs
    Endgame gear can be acquired with Void Coin(s) by killing Void Forest Ogre
    Phoenix Valley mobs drops have been updated and now they drop Engraving Petal(s) and Void Soul(s)
    Boutique updated with items such as: ID Stone, Same sex mirage token, Luxury Weapon fashion, Private Weapon Fashion
    All fashions, mounts, flights, pets have been added to NPCs in west Archosaur
    All Demon, Sage, Morai, Primal, 79, 100 skill books have been added to NPCs in west Archosaur
    Archosaur has been fully customized
    Potions and runes have been added to Guild Base for contribution points
    Event crystals can be exchanged at Event forge for silvers,gold,engraving petals
    Most of useful NPC functions have been added to King's Messenger which can be found in most cities
    SkillSender and gearswap/script are in your client folder>element

    Server Information:
    Max Level 150
    Custom fixed stats gears/weapons
    Custom ornaments
    Custom shards
    Custom Automated events on schedule

    Things you cannot find on Perfect World Void:
    Nightshade race
    Star chart
    Reawaken Avatar Cards
    Elysium skills
    Spirit of Defense potions

    Useful guides:
    Starter guide
    Guia de Iniciantes
    Gear Swap
    Skill Sender
    Automated events schedule and guides for those
    Phoenix Valley