Perfect World void is now LIVE!

  • Hello everyone.

    Since a lot of people have been messaging us to open the server so they can at least get started due to being locked at home for self-quarantine, we decided to launch an early-access version of the server

    What does it mean to play under early-access?

    • the game is not fully complete nor it is perfected (there may be some bugs)
      • this MAY cause disruptions and reboots.
    • guides are not complete,
      • Void Staff can help you with your questions.
      • you may pm them in-game or ask in support channel on void discord.
    • There will be a huge lack of events through out the day until we finish making them. GMs will hold events here and there time to time.
      • Old events such as Search and Destroy, Needle in the haystack and Monster Raid event are still active at the same times as before.
      • if you dont remember, the schedule can be found here Automated events schedule
    • we will be continuously updating the game.

    Note that endgame-gears and farming methods are already live so players can get started.

    the early access version will ultimately turn into full-version through patches. Progress made throughout the early access version will NOT be reverted.

    Visit our official website at

    Visit our download page at to get started!

    Visit our forums at

    Download Notes

    • If you DO NOT have the last version of void 1.5.3, you MUST download the full client.
    • If you do have the last version of void 1.5.3 then just download the patcher files and follow the provided GIF instruction on how to integrate them into the client.

    Server is now Live!

    Starter guide can be found here : Perfect World Void-Starter Guide

    Official Discord server:

    Thank you for your patience!

    Team VoidX.

  • Please note that excessive usage of the AUTO AA cheat will have your connection dropped. Note that the disconnection message will not show up instantly on your screen.

    For now only that cheat is blocked.

    We will alert everyone on our official channels before executing any other limitations.

    We will be enabling automatic IP bans on our filters that will trigger on any suspicious spam activity. This means that any activity that looks like DDOS will be flagged and banned.

    For the average honest player, this means that some cheats (specifically Auto AA / other extreme spammers) might get you IP banned.

    If you do get IP banned and you are positive that you did not attempt to DDOS us, please contact a developer or simply keep refreshing your router till you get a new dynamic IP.