Void: Void Early-access 120 : BasicElement

  • This is part of a bigger patch i had planned today but im going to wait to do some more changes for it. for now since many players been asking i will patch in the BasicElement client.


    Since players would lag a lot during mass pk because it takes a a lot of resource to render all the custom fashions / flyers / mounts / genies we have in server with a lot of effects, we made this to help eliminate that issue by turning all custom visual contents into basic models.

    • Launch the game using BasicElement.exe to activate the Basic Element mode.
    • MJWWUN7.png
    • This was made to reduce severe FSP lags during mass pk
    • following models will turn into basic models
      • weapons
      • weapon fashions
      • flyers
      • mounts
      • genies

    Otherss / Fixes:

    • Now you will be able to see system announcements before automated custom events starts
    • fixed auto-cultivation