Void Promo Video Event

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    Hello everyone ! We would like to introduce to you the Void Promo Video Event

    Event information

    Put your recording and editing skills to test and make a promotional video that shows all aspects and the uniqueness of the game and the server

    Must follow all rules and conditions to be qualified for the competition

    qualified perticipants will recieve perticipation rewards

    there will not be any default winner

    Rules and Conditions

    All footages must be from void

    Video length must be at least 3 minutes

    Must show a variety of features and contents the server has ( not only PVP footage )

    No offensive slurs, imagery, music. texts ( will be auto disqualified )

    Serious entries only ( troll videos will be removed )


    1st place winner

    1 Private weapon fashion stone


    a choice of any luxury weapon fashion from the boutique

    20 event crystals

    1000 Engrave pearls

    Custom title: Void Filmmaker

    2nd Place winner

    a choice of any luxury weapon fashion from the boutique

    10 event crystals

    500 Engrave pearls

    3rd Place winner

    10 Event crystals

    200 engrave pearls

    Qualified perticipation reward

    2 event crystals

    100 engrave pearls


    May 20th, 2020