Void: Eclipse: Patch 129

  • Hello everyone! today's patch will bring some minor balance works, New Lottery System and New luxury weapon fashions and some bug fixes

    Introducing Void Lottery system!


    Head to Void Lottery center to try your luck on getting a weapon with perfect max stats! ( 534 663 )

    • Requires 1 Void Lottery Ticket per try
    • Void Lottery Ticket can be collected by killing World bosses as well as can be purchsed using Event Gold or Donation Gold from boutique
    • It has about 4% chance of successfully making a perfect weapon of your choice.
      • When failed, a "Manufacturing failed" message will promt and if it succeeds the weapon will be crafted
      • FBuCvfC.png
      • This does not mean the service is broken, it just means you were unlucky. But keep trying!

    Balance changes:


    • Fixed the issue with their set bonus, they will now get 10 attack levels from their set bonus.
    • New Blessing : increased RPDT ( reduced physical damage taken ) rate from 6% to 10%


    • Following skills will heal equal to base skill-heal + 30% of users magic attack instead of 20%
      • ●Comforting Mist
      • ○Comforting Mist
    • Following skills will heal equal to base skill-heal + 40% of users magic attack instead of 35%
      • ○Break in the Clouds
      • ●Break in the Clouds

    Demon Archer:

    • Demon Bow mastery power increased by 5%
    • Chance of APS boost from quickshot Skill increased by 10%


    • Water, earth and fire masteries has been nerfed by 5% for both sage and demon.

    Seeker: ( more re-works including gof weapon is coming next patch )

    • Blade and Sword Mastery rate increased by 5% for both sage and demon
    • New blessing: now gives 10 attack levels


    • Wiped old blessings again because some people are using a old blessing they shouldnt be using.

    PvE related:

    • World bosses!
      • World bosses now drops coppers, runes and as well as the new Lottery ticket! and also have been boosted both in defense and attack. Attempt at your own risk!
      • Follow the link below for information on their Locations and loots
      • World Bosses locations&guide.
    • 2x Drop event!
      • 2x Drop rate event has been activated and will end on Sunday 24:00 server time.

    Luxury Contents

    • 5 New sword type luxury fashions has been added
    • 1 New glaive type luxury fashions has been added
    • 3 New dagger type luxury fashions has been added
    • 1 New fist type luxury fashions has been added
    • 3 New Bow type luxury fashions has been added

    Normal fashions

    • Added 3 new sets of both male and female re-designed armored fashions to fashion npcs at west

    Others / Fixes

    • Fixed some of the hair fashions that were broken
    • Fixed the crash-bug that occurs when trying to split bags.
    • Added private weapon fashions ( please contact me on discord )
    • Added custom title requests
    • Updated guild logos


    Be advised the patch will take about 20-30 minutes. so just let it run until its finished.

    Void Promo Video event!

    Custom weapon orders:

    • When mailing me the stone in game please include your contact back information of discord or forum.
    • You can also send your custom files to our Graphic Designers, Sentenced and Ando.

    As a headsup, we will be adding something new to "fight for" in the next patch, stay tuned!

    Hope you all are continueing to keep it safe by being at home as the pendamic continues!

    Also, a huge thanks to all the Essential Workers thats here with us in the server! thank you for your services!