The Avengers

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    • All the entries will be submitted via forum PM to Euikon . (please make sure to mention the subject "The Avengers")
    • You can participate only on one account.
    • Make sure you mention your in-game name.
    • In order to win you have to answer all questions correctly.
    • People who actually tried will get a consolation reward.


    • People who answered correctly to all questions will be rewarded with 8x Event Crystals.
    • People who didn't answer correctly to all questions but actually tried will be rewarded with 2x Event Crystals.


    Note:The event is based on the movie not comics.

    • Who founded "The Avengers"?
    • Why was Captain America called "the first avenger"?
    • What is the name of the blue cube Loki uses as a weapon?
    • What was Black Widow's real name?
    • How many people could lift Thor's hammer?
    • What was the rare material that could be found in Wakanda?
    • How many infinity stones are there?
    • How many Avengers died in last battle against Thanos died?
    • Which of the Avengers owned a Infinity stone and also was source of their power?
    • The founder of The Avengers had one last resort after Thanos wiped 50% of earth population,what did he do?

    Deadline: 10/10/2020 20:00 Server time.