Prevent Flight delay

  • So as several ppl has witnessed. some players has been able to mount their flyer and fly away. without the small delay there is from when u press the Flight bottom, till you are on the actual flyer and then be able to take of.

    A generous player has handed me the tool that can prevent this small delay.

    We had a debait about what the Staff of Void would do, if this Tool was to be spread fair n square out amongst every player of Void.

    I said the staff would be provoked to Either Block this program entirely or actually make a folder in the game client where they would allow every player to have it by default (if they wishes to activate it, like SS or Gearswap)

    In-game to activate the delay remover, u gotta hold Shift+m twice in-game

  • Well mate I agree completly. But as a "person" told me : " If a flyer takes long to open. Some no lifer will make a way, to not have to wait. Thats the nature of Toxic PW players".

    We need to adapt to how other players. now those other players are clearly using "something" to prevent the flight delay. How are you gonna catch a person like this? they just yolo out of there. they have 0 delay u have 2 sec delay. how u gonna catch this? Pretty impossible. Either u adapt or u get left behind mate