Gear Changes?

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    Hey folks after recent events mostly what people PM'd me about is the fact that the new gears werent as good as they were before and they would like to have the old gears back. i didnt want to make a decision based on what 5-6 people wanted so i decided to make a poll to get an idea of how many others feels the same way.

    Just keep in mind if we do decide to change gears you WILL BE ABLE TO TRANSFER YOUR Engraves and Shards OVER TO NEW GEARS. and it will be a free convert so dont worry about losing anything.

    details about the old gears

    Old Gears: only armors will be changed not the weapons.

    • Fixed / max hones on armors
    • magic / physical neck and belt re-implemented and can be swapped during battle along with weapon
    • less HP ( 40k-50k range )
    • less attack
    • More physical / magical def
    • balanced attack levels and def lvls


    Keep current gears and continue further with balancing them.

  • we do prefer the old gear and please if you bring back the old one's please lessen the Rate of getting end gears early in the game it's like 2-5 days end gear so more ppl will be doing afk no one wants to farm anymore and please make the Event Crystal useful same as before more people are farming and less AFK and more Pk

  • That tickets are for weapons and weapons would not change (only armors will)

    Lol Yeah I was just thinking there should be an option for them to be used on engravings too, sorry if I sounded confusing.

  • all this game needs to do is lower the attack level, no kidding, the current balance is good, but the skillsender makes you tritely die no cd charm, take the attack level from everyone but ES, and you get a comfortable game, I can help with that if you have a desire