[Guide] How can I get the endgame ring?

  • You can craft the endgame ring at the Black-Hole Reforge in West City (524, 666).

    • ★★Event Horizon: Voidless
    • ★★Astrophysical Jet: Voidless

    This rings will give you more Defense Level (+5) and more Spirit (+5)

    Also, with respect to the usual rings, the ★★Event Horizon: Voidless gives you more Accuracy (+50%) and Evasion (+50%) and the ★★Astrophysical Jet: Voidless increases Critical Chance by 1% and has -2% more Channeling.

    The mats that you will need for crafting are:

    1 x zedlVEz.png General's badge (r8 ring)

    5 x WZxYdm1.png Void Ornament Blueprints

    1000 x BtejiEd.png Dark Matter

    1500 x TQXhSAf.png Void Souls

    1 x wXhNY4y.png Universe Badge

    General's Badge

    R8 ring would be the most difficult ingredient to obtain for crafting your endgame ring. So, how you do that:?:

    You obtain the General's Badge by earning Void Reputation Points. As everyone knows, you need 200.000 Reputation to be eligible to craft the R8 ring.

    Right now you have three ways of gathering reputation. Don't worry, there will be more ways in the future!

    • You can obtain 8.000 Reputation points by completing the weekly BH III
    • From the Event Boutique you can buy the 1000 Void Reputation Box for 2 Event Golds (8 Event Crystals).
    • You can also farm Reputation points by killing other players. Using @convertpkpoints, you can convert each 30 pk points in a box named Void PvP Rewards, which can be exchanged at the King's Messenger for the rewards: 1 Event Crystal and 200 Reputation points.

    Let's see how you can acquire 200.000 Void Reputation Points:

    • complete 10 times the BH III quest (160k Void Reputation)
    • participate in events, PK or lottery and get around 240 Event Crystals (30k Void Reputation)
    • kill hundreds of E-Daters until you earn enough PK points (1500 kills = 10k Void Reputation)

    160k + 30k + 10k = 200k Void Reputation Points. You are ready to craft the General's Badge! 8)

    Go to the Commander-in-chief, who can be found in West City (532, 663), or near General Summer in Archosaur, South City (521,626) ,or in City of a Thousand Streams (129,856).

    Happily, the other mats are more easily to get. Completing the BHs quests 10 times will give all the necesssary things.

    Now that you know how to craft your endgame ring I wish you good luck and have fun farming your Void Reputation Points :!: