[Bugfix] Hierobugging

  • Do I fix 'Hierobug' ? 18

    1. Yes I am tired of feeling like I died for no reason (14) 78%
    2. No way! I earned that with my timing you can't take that away from me!! (4) 22%

    So I am working on the next massive update and I have reached a point of core edits to the server. I have a question for you all.

    I currently have the ability to increase the responsiveness of HP Charms. This would make hierobugging people close to impossible as you would no longer have time for skills to pile on before the charm ticked unless your damage exceeded half their health before their tick (As in more than half their HP in one hit at 50% HP) .

    The question is should I actually fix this longstanding bug with the game or do people like feeling like they earned the 'Hierobug' ?

  • coming from an EA player you should fix the hierobug so to kill someone you actually need to know what you're doing and time your defensive skills so u can survive, not to spam metal combo and just 123 everyone.

  • alright thanks. I figured fixing this would be controversial but apparently not. ?(

  • I feel like you should put more defense and/or hp on everybody to lessen the chance of "Heirobug" but at the same time still doable when you caught someone on their "Attack Mode" thing. I feel like it's earned, but at the same time, it feels weird that even random clicking on skills makes you do it. Also can you put more, like, distinguishable effect (on yourself that only you can see, like you glow red or blue or whatever) if you're on attack or defense mode. Half of the time I don't even know if I'm on attack or not (since u don't know if it worked before you get stunned or not, or you misclick and have no idea if you are on attack or defense—which was agreed by a lot of people I talked to)

    Oh, and also there's massive delay on server, at least for Asian links so, would be nice if you can enhance that a bit.