[Poll] This Is Why I Am Not Playing

  • What is the #1 reason you do not want to log PW Void? 28

    1. Lack of features! Where is my SS built into client? Where is my ESC Untarget? Where is HP on my enemies? Where is URLs in the chat? (5) 18%
    2. Lack of things to do! Where is my daily PVP based event? Where is my multiple farming paths? Where is my custom dungeon? Where is my longterm goal? (15) 54%
    3. Lack of balance! Why is my favorite class so bad GM? (3) 11%
    4. Lack of low-latency! Why is my combat so laggy? Why is my connection so bad GM?? (4) 14%
    5. Lack of weekly updates! GM where is my custom? Where are my logos? Where did you go and why don't you speak to us more?!? (1) 4%

    Hi Shae here,

    This poll is rather simple and will help mold the contents of next patch to what people find most important as of right now. The question is simple:

    If you had to pick a single thing about PW Void right now that makes you not want to log in what would it be?

    Keep in mind the point of this poll is to prioritize the thing(s) that gets the highest number of votes. Share the poll with your faction members so we can get a full consensus. We intend to fix all problems but it would be good to know which one specifically the players want prioritized.