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    Welcome to the Perfect World Void X staff recruitment post, we will update this post with the most current open positions, if a position is listed here then it is open for applications.


    Open Positions



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much do staff members get paid and what kind of benefits do we get?

    A: Staff members on Perfect World VoidX do not receive any kind of payment or benefits upfront, being on the staff is a volunteer role that members of the community make a commitment to partake in, while we do occasionally offer some compensation in various forms, we never give special treatment to staff members or allow them access to anything that a regular community member would not be able to access.

    Q: If I become a member of the staff will I have to leave my faction?

    A: We only prohibit members of the Game Team and Administration Team from being a member of a major faction, we define major faction as any faction that holds more than ten (10) members, participates in mass style PvP, or engages in faction based events. We do not prohibit members of the Support Team or members of the Development Team (as long as they are Graphic Designers, Artists, or Video Editors) from being members in major factions but we do ask them to not hold any rank above an Executor in these factions.

    Q: What are the requirements for becoming a member of the staff?

    A: We do not discriminate here at Void X, we do however ask that all potential staff members be eighteen (18) years old, provide us with their location (i.e. North Dakota, United States) and provide us with their legal first and last names. Other requirements can be found in the application.

    Q: How do I know if I am a good fit for the Void X staff?

    A: Anyone who wants to improve Perfect World Void X, is willing to commit their time and skills, has a genuine passion for helping others, and wants to be a part of an amazing team that is filled with amazing people will find a home on our staff!

    Q: Who is in charge of the staff on Void X?

    A: Our Server Administrator is Maroon, he is in charge of the staff, in addition to the Server Administrator, each team has a Head staff member and a Senior staff member. Note that the Development Team does not fall under the Chain of Command for the regular staff.

    Q: Am I allowed to apply to multiple staff positions?

    A: We do not prohibit members of the community from applying to multiple positions on the Perfect World Void X staff, however we do think that if you are going to apply that you should apply to the position you will be most successful at, that said we understand some people are just super talented and we have no problems with someone applying to multiple positions.

    Q: How can I apply to a Head staff or Senior staff position?

    A: We reserve recruitment for those positions to only internal staff members. We want those roles to be filled by members of the current staff who have already proven that they're up for the job!

    Thank you!


    "Server Administrator - Perfect World Void X"