Start your download!

  • Hello everyone, we are very sorry about the fact this is taking so long. We have been trying our best to complete everything as fast as we can and we are on the edge of finishing. .!

    While we do the finishing touches and testings. we decided we will give you all a head start on the downloading and patching process.

    Visit our download page at to get started!

    You can either download the full updated client


    You can download the patcher and follow the Gif instruction to paste it inside any 1.5.3 Client and run auto patcher.

    Keep in mind the auto patch will take a very long time. for those of you that have good internet, it will be faster to just download the full client.

    Unfortunately the Manual patch is giving us trouble at the moment so we decided to give ya'll a head start on the downloading and patching.

    You will not be able to login until official launch day. Which will be announced on here and Discord.

    Discord information: Perfect World Void's official Discord server!

    Thank you for your continuous patience!

    Team VoidX

  • Hello,

    Made a torrent for those who got lower internet speed or got corrupted files while downloading with a browser.Please keep seeding after you downloaded.

    The torrent can be downloaded HERE

    Thank you.

    P.S. If the torrent doesn't seed for some reason let me know in PMs or Discord Euikon#9329