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    The winners for the Easter SS event are:

    1st place: prody

    2nd place: Unerring (Torreira)

    3rd place: PepeHands

    Congratulations everyone!

    I will send the rewards as soon as possible. Thank you for participating!

    Hello everyone! The Easter SS Event has ended. I will announce the winners as soon as I can. The titles will be implemented in the next patch so please be patient. Thank you all for participating!



    • Slight edits such as text/filters/stickers are allowed but don't overdo it.:whistling:
    • Your character has to be in the screenshot with the name displayed.:huh:
    • One entry/screenshot per person (you can also edit it until deadline):)
    • :!:No old/stolen entries allowed:!::cursing:
    • Be original,creative and most importantly, have fun !!<3

    <3ENTERING - How to enter<3

    :huh:Head over to

    :huh:Find the screenshot you took from the screenshot folder or where ever you've saved the image,double click the image and let it process till it says : Upload complete !

    :huh:Right click on the picture>>>>Open image in a new tab>>>>Copy the URL/link then click here


    17th of April - 19;00/7:00 PM Server Time


    1st place : 38zyiIj.png 10 Event Crystals

                                    Title: Eggstravagant

    2nd place: 38zyiIj.png 7 Event Crystals

                                    Title : Eggstravagant

    3rd place: 38zyiIj.png 5 Event Crystals

                                    Title : Eggstravagant

    :!::!:Everyone else will get 1GFKSCN.png 1 Event Crystal for participating (Serious entries only):!::!:

    <3<3Good luck everyone and have a Happy Easter!<3<3