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    May the victims rest in peace.

    He was a good friend and I should've taken him more serious rather than assume he was just joking around with his dark humour going to the extreme. Didn't believe it till I saw all the news articles popping up.

    Hope he gets the help he needs and the punishment he deserves.

    Glad this community atleast could inform the authorities before more people got hurt.

    All classes:

    Take away purify but give something instead for each class if possible?

    remove the ridiculous charm delay that causes so many hieros


    Fine, good damage, good defense its a solid class right now.


    It's fine, vit wrs supposed to be tanky for mass, right focusing brings them down fast-ish.


    Together with mage probably the best class for mass and fun 1v1's right now but do try to stop range hack if possible.


    Take away some def and add chan I guess, don't play it.


    I would make it so they are either less tanky in 1v1's or take some damage away, probably the strongest class in 1v1 right now


    Don't play it, they seem fine from opponent's perspective


    lower the insane damage they deal on aps and dph


    Lower silence chance a little but add more physical defense since pretty much every physical class hieros or oneshots it

    Increase running speed, its crazy how slow a psy moves since they have no movement speed buff until 1.5.5.


    Dont play it but add more accuracy they tend to miss a lot, increase their mdef a little and lower pdef by same amount


    seems okay, havent seen many except for support mystics, full magic mystic can deal tons with absorb soul tho

    Vit WR is fine just requires a squad focusing it as it is a tank.

    Agree with mystic

    EA is mostly picked in mass because of their mobility and ability to survive with lots of anti stun + kiting or stealth etc. Would be hard to change this without making ea completely useless.
    Would love to see a server without mostly EA's in pk tho.

    Haven't seen many demon ea's so wouldn't know if SB bow build is viable atm might want to mess around with it and see if people switch it up.

    But pk on this server is mostly small since once one guild or alliance gets more than 20 or 30 people the other guild or alliance can't come up with the same numbers. But because of mainly time zones and guild politics and such it is very hard to change this. Nothing a dev can really do about this...

    Maybe more unique and different events, not the same ones over and over again, or something else to do would make people stay online longer and not log off after pk.