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    Hello everyone

    I would like to share this little program with everyone, it is a honing bot that automatically hones for you. Until you get the desired sum of stats on the gear piece.

    This honing Bot was originally made for Nexus PW but because of how gear honing is built here it will work on this server as well.

    It also has an engrave option but that is currently pretty useless because of how engraving works right now.

    How it works:

    1. Download the program here


    Virus total link

    2. Run the program as admin (optional)

    Make sure before doing this you have void client opened and your character is already ready at the honing station and gear is selected

    as following image shows:


    3. Go back to the bot and click the grey box on the bot and select Gear Honing.


    4. Enter the stats you have now

    So to find out which ones you have hover over your gear and look at the following 4:


    When entering make sure to delete the text completely like this (as we have 4 variable stats on this server we have to fill in the last variable as well on armor) like this:


    5. Scanning your stats.

    Press the Scan & Lock button to let the program scan your game for the specific stats you have.

    Let the program run and do not interrupt this process, let the green bar fill up.


    Now one of two options will happen:

    1. The program finds it immediately and locks right away.

    2. The program can't find it, in this case hone your gear ONCE. and enter the new stats you got.

    scan & lock again and repeat this proces until you get screen below.


    6. Setting up where your hone button is

    Hover over the start soulseal button and press Q, this will send the coordinates to the bot.


    7. Setting your desired stats.

    Under desired sum fill in what stats you want, to do this we sum up the four stats ( max is 80).

    For example I want 69 Magic in total. The bot will run until it gets 69 or higher or until you run out of mats.


    8. start honing!

    Now to start your bot press Q again and it will start!

    Goodluck y'all