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    What is Hidden Dragon Den?
    Hidden Dragon Den is an instance where you will be able to gain Engraving Tokens.By completing the quest "Skyscreamer-Yelling to the Sky" which you will be able to accept once inside the instance you will be rewarded with 20x Engraving Tokens.
    To complete the quest talk to Crimson Office Yi outside Hidden Dragon Den.
    Note:Quest can be done 3 times a day/character.

    How to get inside Hidden Dragon Den?
    You can get inside Hidden Dragon Den from Illusion stone which can be found in any main city or 95,306.

    How to do Hidden Dragon Den?
    First Layer:
    There are 6 totems you need to kill.

    Gold - weak on metal dmg

    Item - weak on physical dmg

    Fire - weak on fire dmg

    Earth totem - weak on earth dmg

    Wood totem - weak on wood dmg

    Water totem - weak on water dmg
    Once totems are dead 6 people will need to climb on the chains.At the top of the chain there will be an orb ALL 6 people who are on top of the chains need to dig the Orb AT SAME TIME.
    If the 6 people successfully digged the orbs en earthquake will start and Party leader will be able to talk to NPC in middle of the ring to teleport everyone to next stage.

    Second Layer:

    This one is pretty simple,Fire Spirit will start spawning you will need to kill those Fire Spirit in order to get Original Light which is needed to dig the 4 orbs around the map.Once the 4 orbs are digged,Brutal Inferno will wake up and you will be able to kill it.
    Once dead Party leader needs to talk to the NPC in middle of the ring and teleport everyone to last stage.

    Third Layer:
    All you have todo in this stage is to kill Yelling to the Sky

    Boss will spill lava around him on three places: Left hand, Right hand, in front of him.

    Each message will warn the squad where the next lava field will be placed, if it says the throat is getting hot, the lava will be spilled in front of the boss.



    What is Nirvana Place?

    Welcome to the Palace of Nirvana here on Perfect World Void,we use Nirvana to farm Engraving Tokens used in the engraving process for weap/cape/helmet/armor. We have kept Nirvana simple and straightforward, simply defeat each boss in each of the 6 rooms and the final boss, the Vanished Ancestor.

    How to farm Nirvana Place?

    In order to enter the Palace of Nirvana you will be required to present a Nirvana Palace Key to the Gatekeeper at the entrance to Nirvana, these keys can be purchased from King's Messenger.


    Once you have your keys and you are ready to proceed to Nirvana you can either quick teleport to the Palace of Nirvana by selecting the Palace of Nirvana teleport option at the Illusion Stone in West City or any other major city.
    Talk to Gatekeeper of the Palace of Nirvana, you will be teleported into the foyer of the palace,here you will see the Old Mysterious Man,speak with him to begin the dungeon.

    When starting the Palace of Nirvana Dungeon, remember that it is a straightforward Dungeon, simply defeat each boss and then speak with the Elder to move on to the next room.


    Sovereign - Drops 5 Evngraving Tokens.

    Noxious Sovereign - Drops 5 Evngraving Tokens.

    Vampiric Sovereign - Drops 6 Evngraving Tokens.

    Demonic Dictator/Demonic Tyrant/Demonic Sovereign - Drops 7 Evngraving Tokens.

    Ashura Sovereign/Ashura Dictator -Drops 8 Evngraving Tokens.

    Arbiter of Flame/Goldwing Phoenix/Ashura Netherqueen - Drops 9 Evngraving Tokens.

    Vanished Ancestor - Drops 10 Evngraving Tokens.