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    Since the summer is ending i thought we'd have a summer screenshot event,I'm sure everyone know how this event work,there are few rules obviously.
    I really hope everyone had/is having a great summer and hopefuly you guys will have fun doing this event,remember creativity is everything when it comes to such events.
    Have fun!
    Deadline:17/08/2019 22:00 Server time.

    You can submit one entry only.
    You must include your in-game name.

    Please use SPOILERS when you post your screenshots.
    No edits such as filters/contrast/shades/extra stuff added etc text is ALLOWED.
    Every entry will be posted in this thread.
    You can edit your entries till the deadline.
    Useless/troll posts will be deleted and warned if needed.
    Game Masters will give their opinion on each entry is how the winners will be choosed.


    1st place: 20x Event Crystals and the title <name>#Summer King#(winner can choose between Queen or King)
    2nd place: 15 Event Crystals and the title <name>is not afraid of sharks
    3rd place: 10 Event Crystals and the title <name>is a shells collector
    Participation reward:
    3 Event Crystals.
    Note:Only decent entries will be getting participation rewards.

    Extra Rules

    1.Killing alts to climb on ranking is forbidden.
    Breaking this rule will result in the following:

    • 1st:100 Points taken away.
    • 2nd:250 Points taken away.
    • 3rd:350 Points taken away.

    2.Any overly-aggressive abnormal behavior &/ threats &/ improper harassment &/ excessive personal attacks within the Void platforms will NOT be tolerated.
    Note:this rule applies for;forums,game and Discord
    Breaking this rule will result in the following:

    • 1st:You will be warned and your comments will be deleted (If is in discord or forums)
    • 2nd:You will be permanently banned from any Void platform.

    This is from my own PoV,everyone has different opinions or PoV.

    As Maroon mentioned,Menhaz was known as the funny/troll guy i guess "you cannot judge a book after its cover" still stands.Iam still shocked,speechless as mentioned above his jokes were a bit too much in last days is why i first muted his account then banned the account as he still kept doing those racist/aggressive comments after the mute expired,now we see there was a reason behind those words that were actually screaming for help.

    I really do hope that after all that happen the gaming communities will lend a hand to those who suffer from mental illness(in this case depression) and not make a MEME out of it like it happens most of times.If you do know someone who suffer from depression please do try to talk them out.

    ~May the victims rest in peace.

    P.S. Really appreciated the clam around the thread,thank you guys.


    How to register:
    You must register here on forums in order to participate,the event will be announced around 1 hour head of time in-game and Discord.

    Your post should look like this:
    Team name----
    Player Name+Class
    Player Name+Class
    Player Name+Class

    Rewards for each team member:
    1st Place: 10 Event Crystals.
    2nd Place: 5 Event Crystals.
    3rd Place: 3 Event Crystals.
    Participation reward:1 Event Crystal.

    3v3 Rules:

    Rainbow teams(a.k.a you cannot have 2 of same class)

    You are not allowed to change characters.
    Once teleported DO NOT MOVE or you will be teleported outside and disqualified.
    You are not allowed to change your genie skills during event.
    Fighting will go on for 8 minutes.

    Teams must have the same amount of members alive after the 8 minutes to be able to proceed to a duel.
    Team members are not allowed to leave party during the fight.

    Party buffs only.

    You must attack after healing twice; three heals without attacking calls for disqualification.

    Kiting is limited to 8 seconds.

    Stealth is limited to 5 seconds.

    White Voodoo is limited to 20 seconds.

    Seal of the God is limited to a 2-time usage.

    You are not permitted to use your surroundings for any reason whatsoever.

    Re-matches are not permitted unless a player has disconnected.

    Duel Rules:
    The same rules apply with some slight modifications.
    Self buff only.
    Iron Guard is not allowed.
    You are allowed 6 heals maximum.
    Seal of the God is limited to a one-time usage.
    White Voodoo is limited to 15 seconds.

    Extra Rules:
    PK is not allowed in the arena while the event is taking place unless it is your turn to fight

    Typing in Market Chat is not allowed.
    Spectators will be escorted out of the event area and participants will be disqualified,if any rule is violated.
    Trolling or disrespecting a GM will lead to a possible mute,event ban,disqualificatio