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    It depends on where you use it. At some circumstances BasicElement can share the same efficiency with normal element. It is inarguable that the BasicElement does improve FPS in cases of high player-presence count though, since it nulls special effects.

    Again, please consider that this thread is watched by many, including officials. I ask for the understanding of the users who's posts are getting disabled. Use Discord chats or other threads for this topic instead.

    Nothing can justify murder. Whether it is mental illness or depression. But we ask that you write appropriately on this thread, as it is open for the public, including none-gamers.

    I remember seeing him on epic pw in misfortune with a friend. His friend was making fun of him being a killer and trolling saying he killed his father. Then they were asking me to give them epic points the currency of that game for free. I was like wtf and ported away. In your opinion you can say people from the game weren’t to blame. But in general players from pw are toxic. This is not the first time I seen someone saying they gunna kill their family in pw. The fact is trolling about someone killing their family isn’t funny. People from this game egged him on, and made things worse. You can say you were his friend, nah u guys weren’t a lot of you are just cancer. Now that people have died, the owners of this game only care about keeping a good publicity and this issue dying down. People here are extremely 2 faced, acting like they care. I’m pretty sure the people keeping quiet who shared discord chats with him know all about that. Yes the players of this game are to blame. The game is toxic and so are the players. Rip to his family members and they make their way to heaven with ease.

    PW is indeed a toxic game, private servers at least. That is not new. Regardless, communication online lacks a lot of real-life comm aspects like facial gestures, vocal tones and expressions that helps one understand the other beyond the limited "emotionless messages" that we are stuck with. Jokes can be extreme sometimes but they remain as jokes when presented as such.

    You are very wrong in your statement about us. A fellow Void admin was one of the first to call the authorities for help but he wasn't able to pinpoint Menhaz's location. Though he did receive a callback from the police thanking him for his assistance (as in he is not the anonymous tipper I referred to). I myself have answered the media yesterday with nothing short of the truth, unbiased, with no benefit to me or to Void.

    I ask that you refrain from answering my message in an inappropriate manner, or with un-backed statements.

    And again, if the reasons stated above as to why I chose to share information do not satisfy you, think about how serious of an issue this is.

    No one was able to predict this, no one was even close to suspecting that it would happen. I thought it is necessary to share his words, for everyone to read his motives and attempt to understand how this very bizarre plan even came to existence. It is too hard to fathom, which is why it's frightening.

    People may have a variant of opinions regarding whether or not the media should be involved. I personally believe that the public should be handed the truth, regardless of if the source benefits from it or not. The public should know what is true, so they are able to form their very own conclusions.

    Thus I have supported the media. Information about the incident was provided before the sentence was published, with the intentions of ensuring that he is deemed guilty.

    I initially emailed information to CBC as I saw:

    "Investigators are appealing to anyone with information to contact police." Both to provide help and to make sure that Menhaz commits to his willingness of recieving appropriate punishment.

    I appreciate the calmness in your message, as some others have shown an aggressive disagreement.

    As Void Staff:

    Hello, as you may have recently heard, under unfortunate events, 4 lives were taken in a residence in Markham, Ontario, by one of our players, Menhaz.
    To be clear, his crimes had nothing to do with Perfect World or us at all, we feel the need to publish information as we keep receiving questions from the media, and as we believe that everyone has the right to access information.

    Menhaz has been a part of the Nexus-Void journey since its beginning (as a player), the Void Staff is very shocked by his recent actions, as are the majority of the players who know. None of us expected him to go that far, none of us had any idea of his plans. Menhaz has been known as the "troll" for long, joking about the little and the extreme but has never shown any sign or intention of committing a homicide.

    He has been "more offensive than the usual" recently, as a few of you have seen and reported, which led to him being banned from our game platform (on the 11th of this month). Additionally, he has been choosing self-devaluing names like "subhuman" and "dont deserve life" to represent himself.

    As the crime was happening, Menhaz sent images of the victims to players PRIVATELY on discord (not on our platforms), and chatted with his friends till the forces arrived to the scene.

    We thank the anonymous player who had the cleverness to trace his address, and the courage to immediately report it to the local cops. Thanks to this act, it is highly possible that some lives have been saved.

    Again we are very saddened by this incident and apologize for having to bring you this information.


    As Void Management:

    As you can understand, this is a very serious matter. As of now, any abnormal behavior &/ threats &/ improper harassment &/ personal attacks or talks of this very incident within the Void platforms will NOT be tolerated. We will report anything seemingly suspicious to proper authorities and it will also get you banned from the game server.

    Please refrain from posting any indecent comments to this thread and follow the lines written in red on here as well (as on every platform of ours).

    We also urge the reporters not to use our platforms to disturb or contact any player.


    As myself:

    Speaking personally as his online friend, I (Maroon) have never thought that Menhaz would be capable of doing this. He has always been a chill guy with a somewhat extreme sense of humor. He has been depressed lately, and I failed to consulate or attempt to support him.

    Regardless of if he was my friend or not, your friend or not, murder is an act of extreme selfishness. Murder can never be justified. To take someone's life is to place your self above him/her and to deem your self worthy of violating his/her very existence. It is insanity and mental illness.

    I have cooperated with the media (and so did Void Management) to provide information about the incident, since I was one of the people Menhaz contacted during his crime (WITH NO RELATION TO VOID PERFECT WORLD). Some of you may disagree with my actions, but people have every right to know. Not only that, but Menhaz himself wanted to be punished, wanted to be caught, wanted people to know.

    It may be pointless to try to understand his drive or motives but we must take this as a lesson. Let us not belittle online depression from this moment onwards and reach our hands out to people who may need it.

    If you ever feel stuck, or feel overwhelmingly negative, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate services (like suicide hotlines for example), or someone who can listen, including our staff members.


    You can find more information about the heroic reactions of some of our players in this article :…rder-suspect-menhaz-zaman