Perfect World Void

  • Hello everyone its been a minute, hope yall are alive and well. it is almost 2024 and as crazy it sounds i just wanna say its about that time again.

    Perfect World Void is returning.

    We secretly recruited a small dedicated test team who has been helping us with gears tastings and balancings as well as PvE designs for the past 4 weeks and the progress is about 95% complete.

    The main host server is being setup as i am typing this.

    I won't be giving any information on a release date yet

    Basic Server info:

    Host location: NA

    Links locations: EU / ASIA / AFRICA

    Version: 1.5.3 - No DB / SB - No StarCharts

    Gears: Fully Custom. Free PvP Ready gears / Farmable endgame Gears

    NO P2W.


    GM: 3 slots open

    Support: 4 slots open

    Gm application: Staff Application.

    Void Official Discord link:

    Please do not DM me or any of the void staff members asking when the game will be released. More information will be announced here with the client Download link 1 day before