Perfect World Void

  • Hello everyone! today's patch will bring some minor balance works, New Lottery System and New luxury weapon fashions and some bug fixes

    Introducing Void Lottery system!


    Head to Void Lottery center to try your luck on getting a weapon with perfect max stats! ( 534 663 )

    • Requires 1 Void Lottery Ticket per try
    • Void Lottery Ticket can be collected by killing World bosses as well as can be purchsed using Event Gold or Donation Gold from boutique
    • It has about 4% chance of successfully making a perfect weapon of your choice.
      • When failed, a "Manufacturing failed" message will promt and if it succeeds the weapon will be crafted
      • FBuCvfC.png
      • This does not mean the service is broken, it just means you were unlucky. But keep trying!

    Balance changes:


    • Fixed the issue with their set bonus, they will now get 10 attack levels from their set bonus.
    • New Blessing : increased RPDT ( reduced physical damage taken ) rate from 6% to 10%


    • Following skills will heal equal to base skill-heal + 30% of users magic
  • Hello this patch is more of a reflection patch from yesterday's balance patch.


    • Wiped all blessings again
    • took back the 5k hp i added in yesterdays patch
    • took out 5 defense lvl from all class that had a 10 defense levels boost yesterday
    • nerfed puri proc rate from EP weapon a little
    • everyone should be running and swimming faster after this patch
    • added some accuracy to barb blessing
    • made barb axe and hammer master nerf 10% instead of 15%

    Luxury fashions:

    • fixed the bugged fashions weps from yesterday


    • fixed the boutique bug with copper paperweights being unable to be purchased.

    We will keep trying to balance things out, and keep patching until its decent. Depending on how this goes there might be more patches tomorrow / Sunday. Please dont forget to leave your feedbacks here if something needs to be looked at.


  • Hello everyone!
    This patch contains some more bug fixes and as well as some balance attempts. please keep in mind this isn't the final balance attempt, we will keep editing and patching often to change up whats needed until the balance is somewhat perfect.

    Balance Attempts:

    From most complaints and suggestions i was told damage one of the major issue right now is that the damage is too high.

    so i decided to give few classes players few extra defense levels and some more HP

    in-case this is a bit too much i also added upgraded version of our old ridgeknife, Copper Paperweight!

    PS: info of the ridgeknife and Paperweights

    ridge knife : Increases your weapon damage by 28%, Defense by 14%, and
    maximum Health by 7%.

    paperweight: increases your weapon damage by 40%, Defense by 20%, and
    maximum Health by 10%

    We also have future plans to add ornament shards with more attack, as well as defense weapons for all classes. depending on how this balance attempt goes.

    New pots

    • Copper Paperweight
      • if you have old
  • This is part of a bigger patch i had planned today but im going to wait to do some more changes for it. for now since many players been asking i will patch in the BasicElement client.


    Since players would lag a lot during mass pk because it takes a a lot of resource to render all the custom fashions / flyers / mounts / genies we have in server with a lot of effects, we made this to help eliminate that issue by turning all custom visual contents into basic models.

    • Launch the game using BasicElement.exe to activate the Basic Element mode.
    • MJWWUN7.png
    • This was made to reduce severe FSP lags during mass pk
    • following models will turn into basic models
      • weapons
      • weapon fashions
      • flyers
      • mounts
      • genies

    Otherss / Fixes:

    • Now you will be able to see system announcements before automated custom events starts
    • fixed auto-cultivation
  • Hello! this is just a quick and small patch that fixes few bugs and some reported in-game issues


    • Fixed the issue where players were getting error while purchasing few items from boutique
    • Wiped some old ornament shards that some players still had. ( if you put it on a ornament please purify the ornament or it will bug your toon )
    • Fixed nation-wars rewards that used to give "wrong item"
    • Fixed some fashions that had "gear stats" on them
    • Fixed the faction base contract quest that had a "wrong item" requirement.
    • removed a few bugged NPCs
    • PvP ranking is now Live!


    • added custom titles
    • added faction Logos
      • you can now also request faction logos on our server discord!

    Event Informations;

    We are still working on fixing the in-game announcements for events. for now please rely on this schedule below as well as discord event reminders