Perfect World Void

  • Patch Notes :

    - Cleric Damage Reduced
    - Sin dagger damage slightly increased
    - Purge event has been fixed.

    This is merely a small hotfix patch to ensure purge works. Guild icons titles and custom weapons will be included in the next update

  • Another small patch to make few minor needed-changes before tomorrow

    Skill / Balance Related:

    • Venomancer
      • Wood Mastery +5% Boost (15%)
      • Feral Concentration duration nerf was reverted back to 10 seconds
    • Psychic
      • Sage Psychic Water Mastery and Earth Mastery +10% Boost (35%)
      • Demon Psychic Water Mastery and Earth Mastery +10% Boost (30%)
      • Added +1600 physical defense to psychic blessing. (Please remake your blessing to see the change)

    • Archer
      • Sage Bow Mastery damage nerfed by 7%
    • Wizard
      • Added Reduce Physical damage taken by 5% to Wizard blessing (Please remake your blessing to see the change)
    • Blademaster
      • Sage and Demon +10% to Axe & Hammer + Polearm Mastery
      • Kill enemies with your Bare Hands! Blademasters now have a new fist for Fist DPH please craft it at Battle Station.
    • Seeker
      • Sword now has GoF. Please recraft it at the Old-Gear Reforge
    • Defense Mode skill for all class now only gives 15 Defense Levels.

    Event related:

    • The Purge now starts every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 and ends at 20:00 (1 Hour
  • Small Balance Changes :

    • Blessings were wiped please remake them.
    • Blessing Changes:
      • Metal Defense reduced for all classes
      • Cleric pdef slightly lowered on blessing
      • Added +50 Magic to Psychic blessing
      • Added + 20 magic to Veno Blessing + added 5 attack levels to set bonus
      • Added -0.05 aps more aps to APS Sin Blessing
      • Added -3 more channeling to EA CT Blessing
    • Removed Def / Attack charms
    • Few Skills changes:
      • Feral Concentration invincibility duration now lasts 3 seconds
      • Stunning Arrow is now truly 100% chance
      • Blessing of the Condor boosted from 1000% to 1500% since we received reports it was being close to useless as far as how much skills actually missed (Let us know if its too strong now)
      • Demon Crush Vigor chance to grant 1 spark increase from 50% to 75%
      • Self Purge no longer consumes chi

    Materials updates:

    • BH1 BH2 and BH3 will now give 50, 70, and 100 Dark Matter(s) instead of 10, 15, and 20.

    Other Bugs / errors:

    • Fixed BH3 boss glitch where killing party couldn't get count for the kill.
    • Disabled the old
  • HbIy0ma.png

    Hello everyone

    After 4 months of work, the moment is finally here! We present to you the long anticipated expansion patch

    Perfect World Void: Legacy

    Before we get started we would like to welcome our new Co-Developer Shae   and also thank her for her restless effort and commitment that she put into making this patch a reality

    We would also like to welcome few new staff members

    GM - Eminem  

    Support - Cinxia  

    Support - Redux  

    We would also like to thank our staff manager Euikon for all the hard work he put in making all the cool guides for all the new things that came with this patch.

    Whats new!!? Everything!

    Lets get started!

    Client Download links are here :

    Those of you that are new to our game here is a starter guide for you!: Perfect World Void-Starter Guide

    Gear Changes and Updates:

    All OLD GEARS that were changed/updated can be reforged at Old-Gear Forge in west Archosaur (533,663) for 1x Mirage Celestone each.

    All your shards/refine/engraves will be

  • Hello everyone! today's patch will bring some minor balance works, New Lottery System and New luxury weapon fashions and some bug fixes

    Introducing Void Lottery system!


    Head to Void Lottery center to try your luck on getting a weapon with perfect max stats! ( 534 663 )

    • Requires 1 Void Lottery Ticket per try
    • Void Lottery Ticket can be collected by killing World bosses as well as can be purchsed using Event Gold or Donation Gold from boutique
    • It has about 4% chance of successfully making a perfect weapon of your choice.
      • When failed, a "Manufacturing failed" message will promt and if it succeeds the weapon will be crafted
      • FBuCvfC.png
      • This does not mean the service is broken, it just means you were unlucky. But keep trying!

    Balance changes:


    • Fixed the issue with their set bonus, they will now get 10 attack levels from their set bonus.
    • New Blessing : increased RPDT ( reduced physical damage taken ) rate from 6% to 10%


    • Following skills will heal equal to base skill-heal + 30% of users magic