Perfect World Void

  • Hello, as I announced in Discord, Because of the connection issues we halted most of the original planned patch contents to concentrate on fixing the connection issues. This patch will mostly contain new Fashion content and some tweaks in Server Links.

    Balance Changes: ( more changes are coming next patch )

    • Copper Paperweight's overall buff has been nerfed by 5% ( note: this will affect different classes differently based on max stats )
    • everyone's HP was lowered by 5% ( note: this will affect different classes differently based on max stats )
    • Barb's base speed increased by .30
    • Mystic set bonus attack level increased from 10 to 15

    New Custom cosmetics contents

    • New mounts were added at Mounts NPC
      • Yellow, White, Pink, Red, Blue, Black Chocobo
    • A new Battle Pet was added to Battle Pets NPC
      • Battle Feral Wolf
    • New Accessory wings fash was added in boutique
      • Into the Void
    • New Weapon Fashions added to Boutique
      • All New Minecraft Weapons Set - All Weapons type
      • Blue Sling - Slingshot
      • Red Sling - Slingshot
      • Golden
  • Sorry yall I had to patch again to fix 2 bugs and also change up the Halloween even a little

    Halloween event rework: This change had to be done because of players who is camping at every farming spot with multiple alt accounts overnight.

    updated guide here: [Guide] Halloween Event

    Added the new luxury fashions from v15 in Donation Point NPCs in the game.

    Fixed some new lux weapon fashion textures not showing up correctly

    Removed a corrupted item that could potentially crash the map

  • This Patch mostly covers Halloween events and some soft nerfs and bug fixes. patch might seen long cause we added a bunch custom of files again.

    NEW! Halloween Event

    Void Overlord Event:

    • Changed rewards from 1000 Engraving pearls to 2500 Void Souls
    • New rewards
      • Event crystals x50
      • Void Souls x2500
    • This PvP boss even is hosted every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:00 server time.
    • Guide: [Automated] Void Overlord Event

    Balance Changes:

    • Blademaster set bonus Reduced magic damage taken decreased from 15% to 10%
    • Venomencer set bonus Def levels reduced from 10 to 5

    Gear Changes:

    • Archer Def bow now has -12 CT
      • Talk to Void Upgrade Station (530 666 ) to upgrade your old bow
      • You can transfer all progress made in the old bow including Refines, Stones, and Engraves.
      • you will need "Freebees Gear Coin" which can be found at the starter NPC, King's Messanger, and as well as Addon station.

    Lightsail Cave

    • Added 5 extra golems mobs inside the dungeon in case any mobs
  • This is a small patch that covers a few changes and some reported bug fixes. ( the patch size may seem big because we added quite a few custom content files to test for upcoming stuff )

    Lightsail Cave:

    • It is now a quest-based reward system, Void Souls will no longer drop from the mobs
    • Just enter and speak to the NPC "Hunt Down the Fox!" and take the quest from him.
      • You have to kill the following mobs / boss to complete the quest
        • 29x Giant Stone golem
        • 11x Devil Pillar
        • 1x Snowgrind Fox
      • you will be rewarded 50 void souls automatically when you meet the requirements.
    • Only 1 person can enter the dungeon at a time now.

    Nation Wars:

    • NW reward has been changed from Engraving pearls to Nation War token
    • You can exchange Nation War tokens for gear materials at the "Nation War exchange" NPC at West. (534 663)
    • The time to travel from one map to another decreased from 20 seconds to 5 seconds

    World Bosses:

    • respawn time changed from 3 hours to 2 hours

    Purge Event:

    • has been disabled until I can fix the bug


  • Hello everyone, here are some changes and fixes based on what players reported and suggested.

    PS: Keep in mind that just cause you don't see a suggestion being applied in this patch doesn't mean it won't be applied in the future. We are all grown-up adults now with real-life responsibilities, so we ask you to be patient as we are actively working on trying to bring all the popular suggestions and tweaks and Fun PvP Events to the game while trying to balance real-life work at the same time.

    Valley Of Disaster

    • You can now enter ( bh 2 ) with 10 players. ( was 6 )
    • All bosses will now walk/run slower and have a shorter sight range
    • Main boss: Master of Element is now immune to any movement debuffs as well as paralysis which causes it to wander off and get stuck.
    • Minibosses will now deal a lot more damage.

    Lightsail Cave

    • Chi will no longer reset when you enter the dungeon

    Skills bugs/changes:

    • BM skill Alter marrow physical/magical skills description has been fixed. the buff will stay on for 30