Perfect World Void

  • Hello this is a quick emergency to fix a bug that was being abused by players hence creating unfair game-play amongs players

    Bug Fix / Changes

    • the war avater cards were bugged and they allowed players to exploit and get extra stats once they gets put in the wrong slots.
    • we wiped all the old war avater cards, fixed them then and re-added. you can make them again at Void Addon Station
    • we also removed about 5.5k HP those cards used to give.


    • Custom titles added and sent
    • Private weapon fashions added and will be mailed shortly

    Note: Logos and other stuff will be added in a bigger patch in few days.

  • Hello everyone, this patch contains mostly some small bug fixes and minor balance attempts

    New channeling system changes

    • Players will no longer rollback to -90ct after overcasting it will revert to -99
    • note that it will still show -90 with eye of observation but ull notice from the casting speed its actually -99

    Gear Changes

    • Barb Blessing : replaced attack lvl 5 with defense lvl 5 ( please remake the blessing )
    • Seeker Blessing: :
      • increased Aps from 0.05 to 0.10.
      • increased accuracy from 20% to 50%
    • Wizard attack lvl increased by 5 in set bonus ( experimental )

    Skill Changes

    • Barb Hp buff was nerfed by 5%
    • Barb str buff was nerfed by 5%
    • Demon Veno skill ΩRedstone Venomworm 180% physical defense debuff proc rate is now 15% ( was 25% )
    • Wizard Skill Undine Strike range change to 30m will work now
    • Psychic buffs were made self-buff only


    • The Duration for the Color iD Stones in event boutique was increased to 7 days ( was 5 days )
    • all regular weapon fashion price from boutique was lowered to 25 silvers (
  • Hello everyone, welcome back! We are sorry to you keep you waiting. Our Dev team worked hard to get all the issues under control and hopefully nothing else goes wrong again.

    We return with some big changes! but before we start the patch notes,

    We would like to thank the OG Legend developer Agatio for giving us a hand with fixing the database corruption.

    We would also like to thank you Bola, a very good Brazilian Developer who also lended us some helping hand in this issue.

    Whats new:

    • You can now Engrave Armors and Weapons
    • NEW Mat: Engraving Tokens
      • It is used to Engrave helm, Cape, Armors and Weapons
    • All old Engraving pearls has been wiped and it is still required to engrave Ornaments.
    • As compensation for old engraving mats wipe and rollbacks...
      • We Decreased the amount of Engraving Pearls required to engrave Ornaments to 2.
      • We increased the chance of getting att lvl 2 and def lvl 2 on ornaments by 30% ( should be able to get max engrave pretty easy now )
      • Removed the useless stats
    • Color iD :
  • Hello, we are happy to announce that we have successfully fixed the Crashing issue with 100% assurance.

    As apologies to the inconvenience we will be enabling 2x drop rate until the end of Friday.


    This Patch also includes some small gear tweaks

    Gear Changes:

    • Wizard
      • Attack weapon: Replaced the -3 channel stat with -6 channel. they will now be -94 base
      • Added 5 attack lvls to set bonus
      • Undine now have 30 meter range
    • Psychic
      • Reduced def level by 5


    • Fixed the text issue at the Guild Base manager where it required "nexus coins" instead of void coins.
    • reduced in-game mailing service from 1 hour to 30 seconds.
    • replaced Detection potion with Revelation Potion inside guild base.
    • Added Vote donation points = Cubi Gold conversion.
      • its a new button on panel called Cubi Gold
      • you can convert points at rate of 1:1
      • people who want to donate through phone now can donate for Void points and then convert it to gold.
    • Added Torrent Link to download page.


    New faction Logos

  • This is a little Emergency patch mostly to fix a refine bug on weapons, server firewall and some minor gear changes.


    • there was a bug that let people who refined their weapon before patch v42, refine it again making it +24
    • Please remake all the weapons ( its free anyway shouldn't be an issue but still, we do apologize for the inconvenience )

    Gear changes:

    • -6 CT has been added to EP / Mystic / Wiz / veno DEF weapon
    • -10 CT has been added to Archer DEF weapon
    • Cleric attack weapon magic requirement has been lowered to 800 from 900
    • Decreased 5 attack lvl from psychic set bonus
    • Missing 0.05 APS on archer APS bow has been added back.


    • Server Fire wall and Bandwidth has been upgraded to hold against the uninvited traffics.


    Sorry didn't add the new faction logos on this patch. they will be added in the later patch this week.