Perfect World Void

  • Hello Everyone, a lot of players been reporting very low fps during mass pk due to the huge collection of custom contents we have on server such as custom weapon fashions, flyers and mounts

    As we are unable to make it a in-game toggle system yet, we came up with a alternative way to drastically improve FPS during mass pk.

    You will have a 2nd client starter inside your element folder called BasicElement.exe

    once you start the game using BasicElement.exe, following changes will occur ONLY in your own client.

    • Weapon models - will become invisible, while skill's casting and animations and effects remains visible and normal
    • Weapon fashions - will become invisible, while skill's casting and animations and effects remains visible and normal
    • Flyers - All flyers will turn into basic flyers for all class
    • Genies - All genies will turn into something that contains least effects
    • Mounts - All mounts will turn in to a basic mount ( black panther )

    running the game using normal elementclient.exe will revert

  • Hello everyone, this is just a scheduled server side Maintenance patch to fix some bugs that came to our attention recently.


    • Uploaded faction logos
    • Added custom titles ( will be mailed Shortly )
    • Added custom private weapon fashions ( will be mailed Shortly )
  • Hello this Patch was just just a Server host migration to a Europe based location ( London UK )

    While main host was moved the links still stays in Europe / USA and Asia.

    This move will drastically improve eu player MS and not effect US player ms that much because of the very stable US links 3 and 4 ( location : Virginia )


    • Fixed the Warlord boss drop "Warlord's Blood" setting where it was set to free-pickup. now it can only be picked up by the player / squad with most damage done to the boss and keeps agro for majority of its life span.
    • Added some new requested faction logos
    • Added Private custom titles ( will be mailed soon )
    • Added private weapon fashions ( will be mailed soon )

    Also a Note to all players as we added a new rule.
    As of now, any overly-aggressive abnormal behavior &/ threats &/ improper harassment &/ excessive personal attacks within the Void platforms will NOT be tolerated. We will report anything seemingly suspicious to proper authorities and it will also get you

  • As Void Staff:

    Hello, as you may have recently heard, under unfortunate events, 4 lives were taken in a residence in Markham, Ontario, by one of our players, Menhaz.
    To be clear, his crimes had nothing to do with Perfect World or us at all, we feel the need to publish information as we keep receiving questions from the media, and as we believe that everyone has the right to access information.

    Menhaz has been a part of the Nexus-Void journey since its beginning (as a player), the Void Staff is very shocked by his recent actions, as are the majority of the players who know. None of us expected him to go that far, none of us had any idea of his plans. Menhaz has been known as the "troll" for long, joking about the little and the extreme but has never shown any sign or intention of committing a homicide.

    He has been "more offensive than the usual" recently, as a few of you have seen and reported, which led to him being banned from our game platform (on the 11th of this month). Additionally,